Lolita Cute Maid Cosplay Photoshoots Displaying

maid cosplay4

maid cosplay1

maid cosplay

maid cosplay2

maid cosplay3

Coser: Kipi

I am attracted by this set of cute and sexy Lolita maid cosplay when i saw these photoshoots at my forst sight. I don’t want to spam them or just know them by myself so i want to share with you—-my dear friends 🙂 Coser Kipi shows us a real live Lolita cute and sexy maid. Do you think so?

I also plan to cosplay a Lolita maid and my prop is the following, do you think this set of maid cosplay dress is suitable?

cosplay maid dress

Black and White Bow Lolita Maid Dress



Sexy Maid Cosplay

Maid cosplay

Sexy maid in a set of sexy maid cosplay costumes

Coser / Submitter: Mel
Photographer: Ice Man
Cosplay Lightspot: cute facial expression and sexy maid cosplay costumes

My Comment: I am attracted by her sexy maid cosplay when i see this cosplay photo. Her red cosplay wig, sexy maid cosplay costume and cute facial expression are all the lightspots of her cosplay—a vivid and real live maid!

My own sexy maid cosplay costume displaying and i think you will love this sexy maid cosplay costume if you are someone who loves sexy maid cosplay and loves light blue:

maid cosplay costume

Sexy Blue and White Plaided Maid Dress

Sonico Bunny Maid Cosplay

Maid cosplay

Coser: yingtze
Photographer: Anthony Lee
Cosplay Lightspot: sexy postures and cute Sonico Bunny Maid Cosplay dress

P.S. I love this cute Sonico Bunny Maid Cosplay because i like the two cute ears—so cute and interesting! I think Sonico Bunny Maid Cosplay will be a good choice for those who wants to do a maid cosplay—attractive and interesting.

I also a maid cosplay lover and my own Bunny aid cosplay dress displaying:

maid cosplay dress

White Bow Bunny Girl Maid Dress

Waitress Maid Cosplay

Maid cosplay

Japanese neko Maid Cosplay

Models: Nicole, Caity Bair and Mimi Reaves
Photographer: Jei
Photographing Place: Stanley Park Gardens
Cosplay Lightspot: sexy postures and cute maid cosplay dress

P.S I love maid costumes all the time and i seem like seeing several cute maid when i see these cosers. So you need to prepare a set of cute maid cosplay costumes if you want to cosplay maid. I think waitress maid will be a perfect choice for you and you can prepare a same set of waitress maid cosplay dress for your cosplay

My own waitress maid cosplay dress displaying:

Maid Cosplay dress

Lovely White and Black Waitress Maid Dress


Barbie Maid Cosplay

maid cosplay

Barbie maid cosplay

Cute Barbie maid —– Blue Candy Maid

Coser / Submitter: Chibimisaamane
Cosplay Lightspot: her blue Candy Maid cosplay dress and her cute postures

P.S. I like this cosplay when i see this set of Barbie maid cosplay dress—-so cute, this is my first reaction when i see them. You need to prepare some cute Barbie maid cosplay dress if you want to do a such so cosplay—-the common candy colors are: blue and pink.

My own Barbie pink maid dress displaying:

maid cosplay dress

Pink and White Barbie Doll Maid Dress


Haruhi Suzumiya Mikuru Asahina Cosplay

maid cosplay

Mikuru Asahina (waitress) from Haruhi Suzumiya

Cosplayer / Submitter: Mandy
Photographer: Arne
Cosplay Lightspot: her cute maid dress and her cute facial expression and postures

P.S. I like this coser’s Mikuru Asahina cosplay—she show us a cute Mikuru Asahina (maid) by wearing the same Mikuru Asahina maid cosplay costumes and imitating some cute actions of Mikuru Asahina. So you can imitate some significant actions of the character you will cosplay and making a good combination with your cosplay costumes, this will help you show people a real character in reality.

My own Mikuru Asahina cosplay maid dress displaying:

cosplay maid dress

Haruhi Suzumiya Cosplay Maid Dress

Touhou Project Izayoi Sakuya Maid Cosplay

Maid cosplay

Izayoi Sakuya of Touhou Project games

Cosplayer / Submitter: Fanplusfriend
Photographer: Hanyaanfaery
Photo Lightspot: her maid cosplay dress and her Izayoi Sakuya cosplay wig

P.S. I like this coser’s cute Izayoi Sakuya cosplay maid dress! This coser shows us a vivid Izayoi Sakuya from the Touhou Project games by wearing the same maid dress as this character and apply herself some suitable make up (her big red eyes).

My own Izayoi Sakuya cosplay maid cosplay dress displaying:

cosplay maid dress

Touhou Project Izayoi Sakuya Maid Dress Cosplay Costume