Cosplay Choice For Cute Girl: Kawaii Japanese Maid Cosplay

Japanese Maid cosplay

Japanese Maid cosplay

Japanese Maid cosplay

Maid is now not a word which represents female “maid” in japanese maid cafe at all! It is now represents cute, sexy and young. So Japanese maid cosplay is the widespread cosplay choice for most of the girls who wants to wear Kawaii clothes (which isn’t suitable for them wearing daily). This set of Japanese maid cosplay photoshoots are found by me when i am searching some information for my own maid cosplay. Wishing you will like:) And the following is a cute winter maid dress which I found in an online store M-Cospay:

Japanese Maid cosplay costume
Black and White Maid Cosplay Costume


Elegant Maid Cosplay Costume: Inuyasha Maid Cosplay Costume

Inuyasha Maid cosplay

What helps you do a perfect maid cosplay? Perfect maid cosplay costume! Which kinds of maid cosplay costume can be thought as perfect maid costume? As we know, there are mnay maid roles in nowadays Japanese animations, so there are many choices for thise who wants to do a cute maid cosply. My favourite maid cosplay type is: Inuyasha Maid. Because its maid dress is designed in a Japanse traditional costumes form—so elegant!

My own Inuyasha Maid Cosplay costume displaying:

Inuyasha Maid Cosplay costume
Black and White Inuyasha Maid Dress