Interesting Maid Cosplay: Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Maid cosplay

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Maid cosplay

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Maid cosplay

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Maid cosplay

Coser: Smochi from United States

Do you like this set of Dragon Ball Z maid cosplay? I like her interesting and creative maid cosplay costume — so funny! Her red eye patch is also the lightspot in her whole maid cosplay dressing. Do you think so?

I also have a beautiful winter maid cosplay costume which i pick up from an online store M-Cosplay(which i think is a perfect choice for your coming Christmas):

winter maid cosplay costume
Red and White Winter Maid Dress


How To Pick A Perfect Maid Cosplay Costume Online?

Maid cosplay

If you plan to do a maid cosplay recently or you want to pick a qualified Maid dress as your Halloween costumes. I believe you will face a common problem for your costumes choosing: How to pick a qualified maid cosplay costumes online? Tips are the following:

First, comfort and happniess is the first. So you need to pay attention to the following points when you are picking a maid costume: costumes: you can not just pay attention to look good or slim, you need consider season and size; shoes: the same as costumes, comfort is the most importan; Masks, wigs and elaborate makeup that may become irritating after a while.

maid cosplay costume

Red and White Winter Maid Dress

Second, narrowing your list. It contains two aspects: which maid type you will imitate and online stores you will buy your cosplay costumes. Characters: whether it can be recognised by people; whether this maid role can bring me happniess. Costumes: Is the maid costume something I can actually make myself; Will my costume be unique or will I probably look like most of the other cosplayers at the anime cosplay con; choosing a online store which can provide your more costumes choice and which has the favourable and cheap price. M-Cosplay will be a good choice for your qualified and cheap costumes choosing.

Last, busy preparing. Buying the costumes you need; Considering how to apply yourself a suitable make up and so on.